Into the wild. Sean Penn. Choices and kindness. Makes choices and results come. Start the day and have no idea how it will end. Strangers and meetings will run their course. This movie is about that. Emile Hirsch is great and Sean Penn takes the setting to a complete next level. The movie mesmerizes the audience with grand vistas, but the essence of the movie is that what is inside all of us. Life happens and we are all actors in each others main role. Death happens and life goes on with all its sentiments. Sean Penn shows mastery of this. (2007)


The grey. Joe Carnahan. The grey is a greatly misunderstood movie. The studio cut the trailer as an action packed movie and changed a very important element in the trailer to not scare viewers away. (They changed the wording of the poem from Live AND Die to Live OR Die) However in fact it is a movie about a personal drama and growth versus the backdrop of a very unfriendly and deadly setting. This movie has great actors supporting Liam Neeson in one of his better roles. The problem of the ending is not a problem it is a statement in the spirit of the movie. It also has one of the better plane crash scenes. (2012)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Stephen Norrington. This movie was highly anticipated by me when it came out. I remember coming out of the cinema and thought it was crap. I found it on a lost HD and gave it another shot, but I was right the first time. It is in the premier league of crap. It is a true shame, since Alan Moore who made the comic on which this movie is based is an excellent storyteller. But this is just not even funny to watch. Painful in all respects. Interestingly the director had a good start to his career, but I am guessing Hollywood punished him (although it did reasonable at the box office) for this movie since he has not directed anything since. Perhaps the pressure of ruining an Alan Moore story does this to a man.  (2003)

Bernie. Richard Linklater. This movie was missed in all cinemas. That was clearly a shame. This movie has two great things. Jack Black and Bernie. Jack’s performance is a sign of actor mastery. The other is Bernie who was quite the remarkable character in real life. Together it makes an entertaining black comedy. The relationships that grow and the supporting cast do a great job for this movie but I think people will enjoy the acting Jack pulls out of his hat. The director and Jack worked together before in another movie (School of Rock) which was a mild success, its a shame Bernie did nothing at the box office. I got high hopes its sleeper movie. (2011)

Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan. After the decay and camp Batman movies earlier, it was clear that with the 21st century upon us, Batman needed a new beginning. It got it with this movie. I liked it but I still think the motivations and character that Batman is, are far fetched. I am wondering why there are not more Batmans on this earth unless it all comes down to the fact if you got cash. He gets the goodies because he got the dollars. Pretty much, like all things in life. Guess this movie is more real than I thought. (2005)

Rio Bravo. Howard Hawks. Watching this movie years after its debut is a tough thing to do. Having read too much about Wayne or heard too much about Rio remakes, makes this movie a tough watch. But you will not be disappointed. A seasoned movie watcher will notice this movie is a modern Greek tragedy that would serve as a blueprint for many movies after it was released. Not a lot wrong with this movie and its proper western at its zenith. (1959)

Wild Bill. Dexter Fletcher. This is a debut that should mark the career of a future great director. Dexter was/is an actor that has succeeded to make quite a good movie. The actors are spot on and deliver a very believable performance. The story may be one that you have seen before, but the execution is remarkable and noteworthy. Watch this movie if you like believable characters in an English setting (ps. the director acted in Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels in case you want to see him as an actor.). (2012)