Monthly Archives: August 2011

Stray Dog. Akira Kurosawa. This movie is interesting in my opinion since it shows a time-piece about Japan straight after the war. The main character is driven to find its stolen gun and asks himself questions if he is to blame for the problems that come from the stolen gun. An older superior helps him to calm down and find the solution to his problems. Kurosawa investigates many issues between society and violence but also practices his skills clearly for later movies. Both main actors in this movie later become his most prominent leads. Although you can detect many things in this movie as dated, the movie itself still stands out as a strong movie. (1949)


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Gore Verbinski. Most adorable pirate plays in a perfect blockbuster. Johnny Depp is quite remarkable as this pirate and the movie is an endless joyride of booming images and swashbuckling. If your kids need some entertainment, this is where to get it. For the time it lasted I was into it, when it was over, it is also quickly forgotten. Perfect for that rainy afternoon, easy stuff.  (2003)

Der Himmel über Berlin. Wim Wenders. This must be the most accessible Wim Wenders movie. Many times have I tried to watch his movies and failed, but this one immediately captured my heart. The images of West Berlin in the eighties along with the angels in the movie have always fascinated me and struck me as very appropriate. I think there is a 50-50 percent change people will feel the same as me. I still give this movie a good rating, but am aware that you must have an interest in movies of this kind since otherwise you will not enjoy it. (1987)

Badlands. Terrence Malick. Malick made a debut that many people would envy. This movie had an impact from day one and its still good. The lead actor and actress portray the roles with perfection and Malick shows the story perfectly. Spacek and Sheen are a perfect couple and convincing. This movie was ahead of its time and mostly its subject matter. It would later influence many tough movies about gritty violence and sociopaths. Kit and Holly were many times imitated but never outperformed. The movie has become more and more a timeless masterpiece and will remain a favorite. (1973)

Le Samouraï. Jean-Pierre Melville. I think this movie is extremely good. Melville is a director with style, feel, flair and panache and is not afraid to downplay things. I love Delon in this movie. His face is perfect for a role of no expressiveness. Perhaps this was where Delon shined at his best. I think this movie is beyond a doubt one of the most influential ones for many movie makers since it was made. I have watched some scenes 10 times in a row and they still move me. This is just visual poetry with a point to be made and a script to carry it. (1967)

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. Uli Edel. This is a courageous attempt by the movie-makers to tackle a very touchy and perhaps even resurfaced politically current period of West German history. I am always happily surprised when with low budgets (compared to Hollywood) good movies are made. I think the whole discussion about making them heroes or making them look like idiots (depending which side your mind (un)consciously chooses) is not important. It is an illustration of that time and events that took place with good acting, steady directorial leadership and a right climactic, chaotic ending. I do not delve into the subject matter itself, since many people have written thick books about it. You can watch this movie and see a glimpse of the events and time in it took place. If you want more information on it, read the non fictional books or watch the documentaries. (2008)

Predators. Nimrod Antal. Adrien Brody in a Robert Rodriquez written script about Predators. Well in short, the movie is not brilliant, but compare it to the other previous predator sequels and you will be pleased. The director takes care of the action within his capabilities which are sufficient to keep you entertained. If you need an afternoon of time waste and action with a decent lead about killer aliens, look no further. Predators is where it is at and if they had not made the other sequels this would be a decent follow up to the first groundbreaking action movie it was. (2010)