Lobotomize me

Sucker Punch. Zack Snyder. The funny thing about this movie is that I had just recently read an article about how common lobotomy was before and after the second world war. It was accepted as a common method for curing mostly anything. It was done very casual and through the eye socket. There were doctors that performed a couple a day with an icepick and the most notable victim was Rosemary Kennedy, sister of JFK. If you wondered why I did not write about the movie until here, it is because even though the movie looks good (the same as all the other Zack’s work), with loads of CGI and many things that could make me like it, I did not. The movie is not interesting. The lobotomy is. Zack better start making better things or he will end up as a relic in my lobotomized mind. (2011)


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