Read, think vs watch, observe.

Slaughterhouse-Five. George Roy Hill. To start with, don’t watch the movie unless you are a Vonnegut fan. He wrote this darn good book and I suggest you read it if you have not and insist on watching this. The director is one who made brilliant movies but but the book is very hard to transfer to a movie. My highlights in this movie are the brilliant Nazi-US uniform with explanation and the quote he gets while laying in bed: ‘ he should go write his own book…’. The problem is that Vonnegut wrote philosophical sci-fi. While the latter is easy to make a movie of, the first is very hard since it requires the audience to think. A movie does not always make an audience think, it invites the audience to watch most of the time, therefore unless you know the book and know Vonnegut, you will be lost in this movie. (1972)


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