Here is my calling card. Enjoy!

Requiem for a dream. Darren Aronofsky. Considering this is the first or second movie (if you consider Pi the first) by Aronofsky, this is an amazing opener to a career. Shot with an extreme low Hollywood budget, this movie shows the class that Aronofsky has and would use in the following movies he made. I personally thoroughly enjoyed this movie and had no problem at all with any of the subject matter, ideas, shots, plot or anything. Perhaps I am just a thick guy that has been mentally stumped by all the movies I have seen, but I can imagine some people will find this movie disturbing. However, I simply say, you must try to watch it and appreciate a movie where the director works his ass off and succeeds in making something that outshines many high budget attempts at something similar. Class movie. (2000)


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