Get lost Jack.

Jack Falls. Paul Tanter/Alexander Williams. Mwoah. Why do I do this to myself? I just give everybody a chance to get me to watch their movie. All the movie cliches are recreated in this one and they recreate them with gusto. All the schooling they had is shown but it still doesn’t make them good moviemakers. I guess they need some years of seasoning and they will do fine with their movies. Just don’t make me watch this again. I will gladly watch anything they make in 10 years. This movie just never really got interesting and bored me to death no matter what movie trick, angle, acting they used. Also if you make a tribute to other movies, however done, you must understand the delicate touch that is needed to do this. Their tribute(s) failed too (Ride of Valkyrie use was just an insult.) (2010)


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