Der komplexity remains untouched.

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. Uli Edel. This is a courageous attempt by the movie-makers to tackle a very touchy and perhaps even resurfaced politically current period of West German history. I am always happily surprised when with low budgets (compared to Hollywood) good movies are made. I think the whole discussion about making them heroes or making them look like idiots (depending which side your mind (un)consciously chooses) is not important. It is an illustration of that time and events that took place with good acting, steady directorial leadership and a right climactic, chaotic ending. I do not delve into the subject matter itself, since many people have written thick books about it. You can watch this movie and see a glimpse of the events and time in it took place. If you want more information on it, read the non fictional books or watch the documentaries. (2008)


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