Monthly Archives: September 2011

The machinist. Brad Anderson. This is an interesting movie but a tough one to watch to the end. The only thing that can grab you in this movie is the method acting Bale does. He is the character in body and soul. Michael Ironside, a personal favorite, supports his acting well but the director misses a chance to have them confront each other more. In the end, the movie is just not interesting enough besides these two actors, the insomnia Bale suffers was completely idiotic to me, since I fell asleep twice watching him being an insomniac. I did enjoy the fact that it was shot in Barcelona which you can barely notice as most people would say its a west coast USA town. (2003)


The trial. Orson Welles. I had to watch this movies twice to understand what I saw. I think it is a very good movie but not the first time. I am not sure if that makes it good or bad since no movie should be watched twice to be appreciated. However the movie is tough to get through but it increases in importance in your mind every time you watch it. The black and white, angles and acting is good. Orson does his voice over and grabs you. I think that perhaps in 10 years, this movie will have gained another level of ‘being great’ due to my life experience. Perhaps its a diamond that only can be made by years of patience. (1962)

The lady from Shanghai. Orson Welles. I admire Orson Welles but this movie is not that good. Well, allow me to be correct, if someone else directed this movie, nobody would care. But Welles directed it so it must live up to his reputation and it doesn’t. The story behind the movie is far more interesting, Orson having married Rita Hayworth, shot the movie for no fee, to pay for a bill for another production he was doing, Orson being blacklisted. etc. The whole murderplot in this movie comes directly (seriously) from a pocketbook and that could be the problem. Nobody actually gets the plot which could be actually the supreme goal of a proper film noir, but the audience demands some logic. Of course, acting, shots, editing etc is brilliant since it is Orson but the blueprint or plot for what he was trying to do was just not good enough to be Orson-ified. Imagine this movie with a great plot… (1947)

Hesher. Spencer Susser. This could be a far better movie than it turned out to be. The acting is very good and this is the essence of the movie. Every actor in the movie made sure it did what it needed to do and even Rainn Wilson managed to get outside his usual comfort zone. Gordon-Levitt outdoes himself and most likely took another step in a great career. What the movie lacks is cohesiveness and a clear story to go with that. It is clear what the director wants to say, but perhaps he lacks the depth of experience/writing/age (just guessing here…) to put this into a correct form. Time will tell when Spencer directs his next movie. (personal note: that Metallica song remains a potential movie essential). (2010)

I am number four. D. J. Caruso. I am not interested in number one, two or three and certainly not number four. I dont really have anything to say about this movie besides that it was crap and bad. I did not get the story or wanted to get it, the plot is pointless, the characters are idiots and the rest is all load of BS. Still it did make money and paid the mortgage for some of the people that worked on it, so I guess that was good. Anything else, would be giving it too much credit but in the end that is all that counts perhaps, paying some bills for the people who worked on it. (2011)

Redbelt. David Mamet. It is the same mistake as before. I think Mamet is a good writer but a shitty director. As a director House of Games remains his best. His unique method of writing is always direct, to the point and mesmerizing even if you have no idea what it is about. But his directorial skills remain to be meager. I think Redbelt could have been a good movie if the script was given to either an action or drama director with flair. But not to Mamet who clearly lacks the skills to shoot a good fight and looses his whole plot in the final minutes. The attempt at a warrior movie in the style of the Japanese was commendable but a failure in the end. All in all, as a Mamet fan you have to watch it, but otherwise you may just avoid it. (2008)

Captain America. Joe Johnston. Its not as good as Iron Man, but not as bad as the rest. I think the story was pretty much what it was in the original comic. There was no way around Red Skull and the nazis. All in all the movie and the direction tells the story quick and easy. Action scenes are there to be suffered and the warscenes are ok. The one thing that really sucked is the 3D and this weird modern/non-modern sci fi look the Red Skull material and weapons have. Anyway, it was reasonable but nothing more than that. (2011)