Who, what, where?

The lady from Shanghai. Orson Welles. I admire Orson Welles but this movie is not that good. Well, allow me to be correct, if someone else directed this movie, nobody would care. But Welles directed it so it must live up to his reputation and it doesn’t. The story behind the movie is far more interesting, Orson having married Rita Hayworth, shot the movie for no fee, to pay for a bill for another production he was doing, Orson being blacklisted. etc. The whole murderplot in this movie comes directly (seriously) from a pocketbook and that could be the problem. Nobody actually gets the plot which could be actually the supreme goal of a proper film noir, but the audience demands some logic. Of course, acting, shots, editing etc is brilliant since it is Orson but the blueprint or plot for what he was trying to do was just not good enough to be Orson-ified. Imagine this movie with a great plot… (1947)


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