Fast Five. Justin Lin. I think they rented a helicpoter. I think they had cars. I think they had a good editor. And then they made this movie. But the only thing worth watching in this movie. THE ROCK. I love The Rock. Dwayne Johnson is going to get it right soon and will get a good movie, good director, good story, good cast and be a appreciated. Never as a top actor but as a top grossing action man. The rest of this movie is just forgettable. (2011)


Salute of the Jugger. David Webb Peoples. While I am at the topic of movies that inspired my childhood, this is one of them. Although I was 23 at the time it was released… please allow me my timewarp. The movie is bad and Rutger had to pay some bills most likely. Now the real interesting thing about this movie is that I only later found out that the director actually wrote two pretty good movies in his later years. Unforgiven by Clint Eastwood, that made Westerns acceptable again and Twelve Monkeys by Terry Gilliam. I am not sure how he views the start of his career, but from my side he is forgiven for this movie. Bad but enjoyable for kids who want more of the Mad Max era. What? Yes that was me. (1989)

The Beastmaster. Don Coscarelli. Sometimes you have to revisit the stuff that made your youth. This was one of them. I liked Conan and I liked Beastmaster. It was a silly movie when it came out and not a lot of people liked it. I loved it. It was rough and gritty and to me it was the best thing to watch after school. The director never really made any worthwhile movies but I think he has earned his place in my memorial hall as one of the Beastmaster creators. The movie is bad, but if you have a kid into fantasy, get him to watch this. It is much better than most other fantasy crap coming out nowadays. (1982)