TOP 100

Platoon. Oliver Stone. This movie is as clear an anti-war movie as it is in respecting the people who died in the war it depicts. The characters are well-developed, have debatable motivations or clear-cut intentions. Heroes or anti-heroes, nothing is clear except that war is hell. Even if you dislike the war movie genre, it will not hurt you to watch it. A developed taste also comes from eating things you don’t like. A must-see since it is part of the top 100 movies to watch. (1986)


Jaws. Steven Spielberg. I think this was the first blockbuster I ever saw. I think I recognized that it was good, I think I remember how astonished I was by the tension, story and acting. But I could be wrong since I was also scared shitless. This movie is good, the acting if phenomenal, and the story and direction by Spielberg is properly great. If ever there was a blueprint for a hard, scary thriller with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, this is it. Every movie lover MUST have seen this one or never be taken serious ever. (and I don’t care that you will never swim again… you have to see it). (1975)