Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Tomas Alfredson.  This is an underrated spy movie that almost passed my attention completely. Gary Oldman delivers a great, timid performance as George Smiley. The movie is based on a book from John le Carré who is the spy novel writer extraordinaire. Sleep well before you watch this movie because there are many subtle insinuations, connections and second-level clues to follow the movie. I guess you can say, this is a chess game in the form of a movie. Very watchable but make sure you are not distracted while you follow the plot. (2011)


The Three Stooges. Farrelly Brothers. Hilariously I did not even laugh once. Oh wait, I did at the credits. It is the most funny moment when they have two actors pretending to be the directors explaining kids to not do it at home. The movie is a remake from the The Three Stooges era many decades ago. Slapstick just does not work anymore and that is why I failed to laugh once. I resented that since the Farrelly Brothers may have made the most funny movie ever (Dumb and Dumber). I guess these guys wanted to remake it out of melancholy and I am happy for them that they found three actors who ‘got’ The Three Stooges completely. Forgettable and perhaps funny if you are 6 years old. (2012)


1900 (Italian: Novecento). Bernardo Bertolucci. This is a difficult movie to rate. I think you should see it simply because there are pieces of brilliance in it. Overall the movie does not rate well compared to other masterpieces. But this movie is an epic masterpiece in my youth alone. The reason is that I was forced to watch it for History lessons in high school and it made my love for movies even bigger. The movie may not be good, but imagine the impact of a 5 hour movie marathon during history lessons…. EPIC. Whatever you do, watch the 317 minute version so you get the full monty. Some classical actors have their young careers started here. (1976)

Senna. Asif Kapadia. This is not a movie. This is a documentary. Even almost 20 years after his death, Senna still captures the heart of racing lovers. I watched this movie and was back in my childhood where Prost and Senna fought it out. This film gave my memories a more profound and deeper understanding of the fight they had. I advice this movie to anybody who remembers Senna or who wants to see a more deep, compelling and proper race movie. If you say you know something  about Formula 1, but you have not seen this film, you are full of shit. Watch it. (2010)

Goon. Michael Dowse. I liked it. I like hockey. I like sports movies. Some actors are  incapable of anything like Sean Michael Scott but he fits this role perfectly. Simple man, has huge strength and character and makes it in a hockey team with absolutely no other talent than a thick skull. It captures the spirit of hockey completely. It also has one of the writers of the movie as an actor yelling the most hilarious profanities while reviewing the game. It is not Oscar material, but entertainment for the hockey lover for sure. Wait for the credits to see the real life character the movie was based on. (2011)

Auto Focus. Paul Schrader. This movie remained vividly in my brain for years ever since I watched it. Being a Hogan Heroes fan, I had a certain expectation but it did nothing for the hero Hogan but it did everything for my appreciation of Paul Schrader. The movie has strong acting, great story and dead punch delivery. As a movie lover, you should watch this to see the acting from Kinnear. I enjoyed the movie and thought it was hilarious. Good enough to watch for sure. (2002)

Convoy. Sam Peckinpah. This movie is amongst the most quoted movies in my life. Standing in line at a grocery store, driving in slow traffic or a large truck, this movie is quoted. Anyway, the movie is based on a song and the director was the hardest ass in showbizz. He made much more notable movies than this one, but this was the highest grossing one. I rewatched it for the midlife crisis I should be in and it was mildly amusing. I suggest to watch it just for reference on the director but avoid it if you want to have genuine entertainment. Forgettable unless you saw it back in the 70’s. (1978)